Meet Alexandria


I’m Alex Louis wife to Jon, and mama to two wonderful kiddos, Kingston (9) and Scotland aka Scottie (4).

Some of my fondest childhood memories are sitting down to a meal at my gramas kitchen table. Nine times out of ten there was a batch of fresh homemade tortillas. Her cooking always felt like a warm embrace and I could literally feel the love she put into it. It’s probably only natural that I  grew up to develop a love of food and a passion for cooking. There’s nothing I enjoy more than pouring my own heart and soul into a meal and sitting down to share it with my nearest and dearest. 

My cooking consists of lots of fresh flavors and healthy ingredients. I’ve come to realize that while I may love all the gluten, all the dairy, and all the allergens my body just can’t handle them. As a result I’ve adapted my cooking to fit a cleaner lifestyle that suits my dietary needs. I’ll be sharing more of my story and everything I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn).

And since I’m a Libra and life is all about balance, there will also be recipes for the times you need to indulge, because some recipes should remain true to their roots and require all the fat, all the gluten, and all the yumminess. Most of these recipes are my very own taste of home, the city I was born and raised, Pueblo, CO. Regional cuisine at it’s finest encompassing the flavors of Mexico and Italy and prepared in a one of a kind way that I learned from my Mexican and Italian grandmothers. It’s the food I grew up eating, food from my heart, food that really deserves to be shared with others. 

The rest is me being me! I’m creative by nature everything related to the home is where my creative juices really shine. Gardening, DIY, Holidays, and home design/decor are all areas I’m passionate about sharing my unique point of view with you.

From as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to share the latest and greatest with friends and family. Everything from new movies and tv shows, to books, makeup, fashion, food, gadgets, etc. It really excites me to share new things I’ve come to love and this blog will be an extension of that. I’m thrilled to finally have a space and an outlet where I can share and inspire others in the same way I have been inspired by so many women who have paved the path before me. Thank you so much for stopping by friend, I hope to you continue to visit time and time again!