Book Club Round Up

A round up of all my favorite book club titles thus far.
There’s a little something for everyone… suspense, romance, and historical fiction.
Hope you like them as much as I did!
The Nightingale
I am a sucker for Historical Fiction especially during the WWII era. There is a reason why this book has been so widely revered. It is a breathtaking tale of two French sisters fighting to survive different lives during WWII. Captivating and heroic. Prepare to be moved.
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The Couple Next Door
In the technological era of modern times this book weaves a tale that so many parents can relate to...Full of suspense, this book will have you guessing who kidnapped baby Kate up until the very end.
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The Woman in Cabin 10
Murder on the Orient Express meets the high seas. This is another suspense novel that will leave you guessing while trying to put all the puzzle pieces together to figure out who you can trust and who you can't.
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All the Light We Cannot See
I LOVE love. This book is a love story that like all love stories is filled with complexities. Prepare to ask yourself the question, did I fall in love with a Gabe or a Darren?
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City of Girls
This is a story that will stay with me for a long time to come. It's layered, it's beautiful, and it is oh so relatable. The story of how a young girl came to be in New York during the 1940's. It will remind you that the city that never sleeps truly is a City of Girls.
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All we Ever Wanted
A phenomenal book club selection that begs to be discussed and dissected amongst a room full of mothers learning how to navigate raising our sons and daughters during the era of ME TOO.
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A Well Behaved Woman
Another extraordinary historical fiction novel about the real life Alva Vanderbilt. Unimaginable wealth, betrayal, scandal, and love.
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