Flowers are a girls best friend


I don’t recall when or where my love affair with flowers began, actually I don’t even know if there was a beginning, it’s a love that I’ve always known. A love that is all encompassing, a love that asks nothing of me in return, but to sit back and enjoy the majesty of their beauty.

I always buy fresh blooms for myself and if you’re not doing the same for yourself on a regular basis I strongly encourage you to start. Why wait to receive flowers for Valentines Day or your birthday when you can buy them year round. They’re the gift that keeps on giving and you’ll never regret doing so every time you walk past and smell that sweet aroma. It’s one of the surest ways to brighten your day and put a daily smile on your face.

And my love doesn’t just end with me buying them to enjoy for myself. I love to give them just as much as I love to receive them. It is one of my favorite ways to show my love and appreciation for someone. Whether it’s a friends birthday, someone you want to say thank you to, or someone who could use some cheering up. There’s a never ending list of reasons to give them.

Here’s some of my tips and tricks…

  1. Trim the ends at a 45 degree angle

  2. Trim any loose foliage from the stems before placing them in the container of your choice. This will help the water stay fresher longer.

  3. To ensure freshness trim the ends every few days. They’ll scap over and won’t be able to hydrate as well when this happens. Giving them a trim helps them stay fresher longer.

  4. For blooms that are in need of a pick me up add a shot of vodka to the water. You’ll be surprised how effective this trick can be!

  5. Don’t add the entire packet of flower food to the water you’re placing them in. For an average sized container a sprinkle will do just fine.

  6. Last but not least, pay attention to the how your blooms last from the purveyors you purchase them from. For example, I know if I buy roses from a certain grocery store they will never bloom. If however, I purchase roses from Trader Joes they always blossom and last longer than expected. I’ve come to learn that how they blossom and hold up has a lot less to do with me and whole lot more to do with where they’re coming from.

xo Alex
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